17 May 2022
Valencia, Spain
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Lightning Talk [clear filter]
Tuesday, May 17

11:40 CEST

Lightning Talk: Move Over API Gateway.... into Your Service Mesh- Marino Wijay, Solo.io
They say API Gateways are for your "north-south" traffic into your clusters and Service Mesh is for your "east-west" traffic. Is this really the case? As you deploy a service mesh for high availability, failover, and tenancy, you will find north/south and east/west start to converge. Instead of thinking of API Gateways and Service Mesh as separate and different, we should be thinking of them as the same thing. In this talk, we explore the role of modern API gateway and how we can make it part of the service mesh.

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avatar for Marino Wijay

Marino Wijay

Developer Advocacy and Relations, Solo.io
Marino is a Canadian, living just outside Toronto. He is a Developer Advocate @ Solo.io focusing on modern application networking with Istio, Envoy, eBPF, GraphQL and WASM. Previously he worked at VMware solving challenges with Tanzu, NSX, and SD-WAN. His career has been primarily... Read More →

Tuesday May 17, 2022 11:40 - 11:50 CEST
Pavilion 3 | Room D | Level 2 | Central Forum

11:55 CEST

Lightning Talk: Multi-cluster Istio Mesh – Complex or Piece of Cake? - Laszlo Bence Nagy, Cisco
Setting up and then preserving a multi-cluster Istio mesh is cumbersome today, as it involves several manual steps. Those steps are not automatic, because there is no continuous synchronization mechanism between the participating clusters. With the open-source Cisco (formerly Banzai Cloud) Istio operator, forming and then sustaining a multi-cluster Istio mesh is almost fully automated. It is made possible by utilizing a cluster registry controller component, which provides continuous synchronization for the necessary resources between the clusters. In this session, you will learn: - How to form a multi-cluster mesh with ease - Learn how the necessary resources are synced between the clusters - Understand how the system recovers even when network endpoints are changed.

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avatar for Laszlo Bence Nagy

Laszlo Bence Nagy

Software Engineer, Cisco
Laszlo Bence Nagy is a software engineer with Cisco's Emerging Technologies and Innovation group. In his role, Laszlo works with anything cloud-native, mostly Kubernetes, Istio and with the open-source Cisco Istio operator. He spent two years as part of Banzai Cloud before that company... Read More →

Tuesday May 17, 2022 11:55 - 12:05 CEST
Pavilion 3 | Room D | Level 2 | Central Forum

13:05 CEST

Lightning Talk: MeshMark: Service Mesh Value Measurement - Lee Calcote, Layer5 & Mrittika Ganguli, Intel
Still trying to understand how to best gauge the performance of your cloud native infrastructure? Confused as to whether self-published, performance benchmarks are trustworthy or simply biased marketing in disguise? Measurement data may not provide a clear and simple picture of how well those applications are performing from a business point of view, a characteristic desired in metrics that are used as key performance indicators. Behold MeshMark: a performance index that provides you with the ability to weigh the value vs overhead of your cloud native environment. Convert performance measurements into insights about the value of individual, cloud native application networking functions. Join us as we distill a variety of microarchitecture performance signals and application key performance indicators into a simple scale. Explore the other side of the performance measurement coin: value measurement.

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avatar for Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote

Founder and CEO, Layer5
Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers and enabling organizations. As Founder and CEO of Layer5, he is at the forefront of the cloud native movement. Open source, advanced and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus... Read More →
avatar for Mrittika Ganguli

Mrittika Ganguli

Director Cloud Native Data Plane, Principal Engineer and Network Architect, Intel
Mrittika Ganguli is a Principal Engineer and Director, Cloud Native Pathfinding in Intel’s NEX Group. Her area of expertise is in hardware and software platform management, network and storage processing control and data plane, cloud orchestration, telemetry QOS and scheduling Architecture... Read More →

Tuesday May 17, 2022 13:05 - 13:15 CEST
Pavilion 3 | Room D | Level 2 | Central Forum

13:20 CEST

Lightning Talk: GitOps and Controllers: It’s Not That Simple for Multi-cluster- Alex Ly, Solo.io
GitOps has become a valuable approach to manage configuration for applications and infrastructure. Having a source of truth that can be automated, auditable, and is easy to understand is increasingly important when expanding to many deployments. However, enabling multi-cluster capabilities typically presents new challenges: not every cluster is the same, context is important, and managing every lower- level configuration across multiple environments can get cumbersome (and dangerous) quickly. This talk will focus on a specific example where multi-cluster GitOps is difficult: application-networking and security with service mesh. The goal is for platform teams to provide the right point of demarcation with abstractions that focus on the intent, while abstracting away the translation and orchestration of lower-level config (mesh-specific API resources in this case). We share our experiences building these abstractions with some of the largest deployments of service mesh in the world.

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avatar for Alex Ly

Alex Ly

Field Engineer, Solo.io
Alex Ly - Field Engineer @ solo.io Alex is a Field Engineer at solo.io based out of San Francisco, CA. His prior work experiences include similar roles at Oracle, Mesosphere, and Red Hat; mainly focused in the containers and Kubernetes communities. Alex is passionate about helping... Read More →

Tuesday May 17, 2022 13:20 - 13:30 CEST
Pavilion 3 | Room D | Level 2 | Central Forum

16:05 CEST

ServiceMesh + eBPF Lightning Talks
Lightning Talk #1: 
How to build a Service Mesh without Sidecars using eBPF & Cilium - Thomas Graf, Isovalent

eBPF is a powerful Linux kernel technology that is used in several CNCF projects to provide faster networking, new security applications, and deeper observability. In this talk, we explore how eBPF, using the Cilium project, allows you to build a service mesh entirely without sidecars while still relying on proven Envoy proxy technology. We will look at how moving service mesh functionality into the kernel using eBPF leads to massive performance gains and simplification of the overall model while remaining compatible with existing control planes. Service mesh will become invisible at the kernel level similar to how namespaces, the foundation of containers, are invisible today. The sidecar-free model unlocks a simpler architecture, performance gains, scalability advantages, and even more transparency to applications. Together, we will look at the new architecture, compare performance numbers, and run through a demo.

Lightning Talk #2:
Clearing the confusion about eBPF and service mesh - Yuval Kohavi, Solo.io

eBPF is an exciting technology that allows developers to extend the capabilities of the Linux Kernel without modifying the Kernel itself. Getting access to powerful Kernel capabilities can be extremely powerful, especially in networking, but what is the responsibility of this layer when it comes to service mesh? In this talk we discuss the importance of separation of layers, where eBPF fits for service mesh (and where it doesn't), and how to best optimize the service mesh architecture and experience for the real problems users have: security, observability, flexible policy enforcement, and overall traffic management.

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avatar for Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf

CTO, Isovalent
Thomas is the CTO of Isovalent, chair of the eBPF governing board, and has been a Linux kernel developer for the last 15+ years focusing on eBPF, networking, and security. Thomas co-created the Cilium open-source project which provides eBPF-based networking, security, and observability... Read More →

Tuesday May 17, 2022 16:05 - 16:25 CEST
Pavilion 3 | Room D | Level 2 | Central Forum
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